Curriculum Vitae



  • PhD, Theatre History, Louisiana State University, 2017. Dissertation: “Precarious Democracy: It Can’t Happen Here as the Federal Theatre’s Site of Mass Resistance.” Advisor: Dr. John Fletcher.

  • MA, Speech/Theatre, Louisiana Tech University, 2005. “Federal Theatre in the American South” (Paper of Record). Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Robbins 

  • BA, Speech, Arkansas Tech University, 2003. 



Theatre Historiography, Performance Studies, Mass Staging, Post-Progressive Era Performance and Culture, Cultural Studies, 19thCentury Spiritualist Performance, War Theatre, Post-9/11 Theatre, American Identity, Virtual Spaces, Playwriting, Dramaturgy, and Directing.



  • American Theatre and Drama Society

  • American Society of Theatre Research

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference


  • The Ponder Review, Vol. 3 Issue 1. “Dead Ducks,” short play.

  • Theatre History Studies 2020, Volume 39, “Smith, Matthew Wilson. The Nervous Stage: Nineteenth-century Neuroscience and the Birth of Modern Theatre.” Book Review.

  • Ecumenica 2019, Volume 12, Issue 1, “Dimitrova, Diana. Hinduism and Hindi Theatre. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.” Book Review


  • American Society of Theatre Research. “Hell on the Border: The Public Participant in Fort Smith’s Old West Pastiche.” Arlington, VA, November 2019.

  • American Society of Theatre Research. “Arousing Suspicion: The Federal Theatre Project’s Canceled Production of Ethiopia.” San Diego, CA, November 2018.

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference. “Spinning Fiction into Fact: The Federal Theatre Project’s Integrated Production of It Can’t Happen Here.” Milwaukee, WI, March 2018.

  • American Society of Theatre Research. “Of Black Shirts and Golden Escalators: Historical Research in the Age of Trumpism.” Atlanta, GA, November 2017. 

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference. “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Totalitarianism.” Houston, TX, March 2017.

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference. “Nothing to See Here: Seeking Political Varity and National Unity in the Federal Theatre Project Promotion’s Office.” Minneapolis, MN, March 2016.

  • Praise at the Crossroads: Cultural Intersections in Literary and Artistic Works. “A Dramaturg at the Crossroads: Dionysus of the Holocaust and Web 2.0 Integration” Baton Rouge, LA, April 2014.

  • Conference Co-Planner, “Praise at the Crossroads: Cultural Intersections in Literary and Artistic Works” Louisiana State University, April 2014. 

  • American Society of Theatre Research. “Fighting Fascism at Home: The Federal Theatre Project and the Rise of Totalitarianism Before World War II” Dallas, TX. November 2013.

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference. “It Didn’t Happen Here: Staging the Myth of Huey P. Long” St. Louis, MO, March 2013.

  • Mid-America Theatre Conference. “Working the Crowd: Mesmerist Performance.” Chicago IL, March 2012.

  • Mardi Gras Conference. “Orc Lady Boys and Gamed Desire: Cross-Gendered Representation in Virtual Worlds.” Baton Rouge, LA, February 2012.

  • Southeastern Theatre Conference. “Viola Spolin: The Mother of All Improv.” Lexington, KY, March 2010.



  • Mid-America Theatre Conference New Play Festival. Dead Ducks. Houston, TX, March 2017.

  • Rosemarie Bank Membership Grant. American Theatre and Drama Society, AY 2017-2018 

  • Departmental Dissertation Research Grant. LSU, 2015, $300.

  • Departmental Dissertation Research Grant. LSU, 2014, $750.

  • Student Government Research Grant. LSU, 2013, $500.

  • Student Government Research Grant. LSU, 2012, $500.

  • Janice H. Pellar Arts and Entrepreneurship Fellow. LSU, 2012-2013.

  • KC/ACTF National Selection Committee Nominee, Corrigenda, 2007.

  • KC/ACTF Regional Selection Committee Nominee, Romeo and Juliet, 2008.



Instructor of Record
  • Special Topics in Theatre: Theatre of War (THTR 3900, LSU School of the Theatre)  

    • This upper-level special topics course for majors of my own design combined the study of theatre history and dramatic literature as they relate to major military conflicts in Western Civilization. Beginning with Aeschylus’s The Persiansand ending with Rajiv Joseph’s The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, students explored how war, soldiers, and noncombatants have been depicted in text and on the stage. 

  • Introduction to Writing Drama (THTR 2008, LSU School of Theatre)

    • I designed this course for majors designed to emphasize character development, plot structure, and the importance of the revision process. Students wrote three ten-minute plays over the semester, and submitted a revised version of one play at end of semester.

  • Introduction to Dramatic Literature (THTR 2028, LSU School of Theatre)

    • I designed the syllabus of this course for majors and non-majors to combine the study of plays as literature and theatre history, with an emphasis on dramaturgy as a fundamental tool of both the theatre practitioner and theatre critic.

  • Introduction to Theatre Honors (THTR 1021, LSU School of Theatre)

    • I developed the syllabus for this honors course for non-majors as a small seminar format. I incorporated student-led discussion days to prompt greater investment in how theatre is crafted.

  • Introduction to Theatre (THTR 1020: LSU School of Theatre) 

    • I developed the syllabus for this non-major large enrollment course (100+) with the goal to create critical theatre audiences through lecture, small group break-out discussions, and student-created performances.

  • Introduction to Speech Communication: Full Online Integration (SPCH 1203E: UA Fort Smith, College of Communications, Arts, and Social Sciences). 

    • I designed my syllabus for this fully online course to integrate e-textbook instruction, vlog-style lectures, and online chatroom office hours to introduce web-based communications into the traditional public speaking course curriculum.       


Invited Lecturer
  • Theatre History and Literature III: 1875 to Present (THTR 3122, LSU School of Theatre). “The Federal Theatre Project: America’s National Theatre” 

  • THTR 4131 Senior Seminar in Performance and Politics (THTR 4131, LSU School of Theatre). “The Living Newspapers and Docudrama.” 

  • Development of Drama II (THTR 3122: LSU School of Theatre). “Jean Genet’s The Maids.” 


Teaching Assistant
  • Directing I (THTR 2021, LSU School of Theatre) 

  • Theatre Forum (THTR 1000, LSU School of Theatre) 

  • Script Analysis (THTR 2130 LSU School of Theatre) 



  • Adjunct Instructor, University of Arkansas Fort Smith, College of Communications, Arts, and Social Sciences, 2018-present.

  • Adjunct Instructor, Louisiana State University, School of Theatre, 2016.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Louisiana State University, School of Theatre, 2010-2015.

  • Visiting Instructor, University of Arkansas Fort Smith, Department of Communication, 2005-2010.

  • Adjunct Instructor, Arkansas Tech University, Department of Speech, Theatre, and Journalism, 2006.



  • Artistic Vice President, Red Magnolia Theatre Company, 2018.

  • Instructor, Playmakers of Baton Rouge, 2018.

  • Coordinator, OutworksLGBTQ New Play Festival, Louisiana State University, 2012-2014.

  • House Management Coordinator, Louisiana State University, Fall 2011-Spring 2014.

  • Box Office Manager, Louisiana State University, College of Music and Dramatic Arts, 2015-2016.

  • Graduate Student Liaison, Mid-America Theatre Conference, 2012-2104.

  • Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, Department of Communication, University of Arkansas Fort Smith, 2007-2010.



  • A Doll's House, Part 2

    • City Series, Theatre Baton Rouge​, LA (2020)

  • Love, Loss and What I Wore          

    • Red Magnolia Theatre Company, LA (2018)

  • It Can’t Happen Here                       

    • Lab Theatre, LSU, staged reading (2014)

  • The Blue Djinn                                  

    • Lab Theatre, LSU (2013)

  • Spark                                  

    • NoPassport Theatre Alliance, staged reading (2013)

  • The Smell of the Kill                          

    • Lab Theatre, LSU (2011)

  • Tartuffe                                              

    • Mainstage, University of Arkansas Fort Smith (2010)

  • The Lion in Winter                             

    • Mainstage, Arkansas Tech University (2008)

  • Picasso at the Lapin Agile                 

    • Mainstage, Arkansas Tech University (2002)



  • Dionysus of the Holocaust                 

    • Mainstage, LSU (2014) (World Premiere)

  • Clybourne Park                                 

    • Swine Palace, Resident Theatre, LSU (2013)            

  • All the King’s Men                             

    • Swine Palace, Resident Theatre, LSU (2013)

  • Romeo and Juliet                               

    • Mainstage, University of Arkansas Fort Smith (2008)

  • Enemy of the People                          

    • Mainstage, University of Arkansas Fort Smith (2008)

References available by request



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